Graphic Design/Poster Campaign

Contest Ended

“This poster is made to raise awareness on how most indigenous peoples, particularly the Lumads, are treated in our country.

“Elegí  esta temática porque representa una de las principales problemáticas que sufrimos los jóvenes en Argentina.

“This project is supposed to show how reading can open up worlds and be a gate to everything.

“I created this awareness poster to help women speak out against being abused.

“I created this project to raise awareness about deforestation and how it is taking away animal’s homes and destroying the environment.”

“Esto muestra cómo de algo simple puede salir algo mejor sólo con la imaginación.”

“This shows how from a simple thing we can do something better using only our imagination.”

“Sustainable Agriculture: meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to supply their needs.