Contest Ended

“The face of everyday struggles.”

“This image was originally two angles of a couple buildings that were side by side.

“You might be asking yourself, ‘Why is the title in quotation marks?’ In this title, the quotations marks are meant to be sarcastic.

“It’s important to be proud of who you are and where your from.”

“Cada día pasa a través de un basurero para ir a la escuela, y en ese lugar, muchos perros viven, esto lo llamo personalmente toto, este era su última foto antes de su muerte.”

“Every day I pass through a dump to go to school, and many dogs live there.

“Para conseguir un castillo no necesitas tener mucho dinero, solo las ganas de tenerlo y la imaginación para lograrlo.”

“To get a castle you do not need to have much money, only the desire and the imagination to achieve it.”