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A music visual of the song "Trap or Grow" that me and a few other members of our clubhouse worked on. It was a partnership between the Tech Center and another organization me and my friends work for called Appetite for Change, where our mission is to use food as a tool for health, wealth, and social change. We decided to make this video for our end of the year project, using the song and video to encourage young people to grow their own food and make healthy lifestyle choices. The chorus poses the question "is you gon trap, or you gon grow?". The true meaning of this phrase is.... Are you going to TRAP? - Get trapped in the environment that surrounds you, or are you going to GROW - Grow your own food, your body, your skills, your career, your life. The video displays options and connotations of both "Trapping" and "Growing".

The song was written, recorded, and produced by me and the other youth featured on the track

Aaliyah (Me) - Chorus and First Verse
Arieana - 2nd Verse
Armand - 3rd Verse
Princess Ann - 4th Verse

We thought of the concept, locations, and wardrobe ourselves. After that, we reached out to Tez (New School Media) who is another member of the Tech Center @ Hope Community. He filmed, directed, and edited the video.

Hope you like it!


Aaliyah Demry






United States


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