The Global RE@CH Media Festival (Revolutionizing Expression @ The Clubhouse) is the signature platform for Clubhouse member media. The Festival encourages youth from around the world to express themselves about issues that are important to them. Participants create media that describe their personal experiences and gives voice to their ideas, feelings, and concerns. In addition, youth gain exposure through exhibition opportunities that showcase their perspectives.

Submission Window Now Closed

Submissions for the 8th Annual RE@CH Media Festival are now closed. Please return on Monday, June 12th when public voting begins. In the meantime, you can browse our nearly 400 project submissions.

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Submitted on 28 Feb 2023

The City is below me, the sky is above

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Submitted on 25 May 2023


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Submitted on 15 Apr 2023

flappy bird game

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Submitted on 26 May 2023

do you accept the blame?

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Submitted on 26 May 2023


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Submitted on 25 May 2023

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