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Hello, my name is Juan David Bedoya Cabrera and I am 14 years old. I created this video game to make people aware of not throwing garbage in the streets and knowing what trash can corresponds to each one of them, it took me 4 months to create this video game. It is important to know where the garbage goes, because if we combine the organic garbage it will contaminate the other garbage and it cannot be reused. The controls work like this: Holding down the space you grab the trash, you can only have one type of garbage in your hand, if you pick up the napkins you can only collect the other napkins and you can only throw them away if you have the five napkins, by pressing the space button on the corresponding container. Also with plastic, you need 5 bottles to be able to throw them away. It was difficult to create it, at first I made it very basic, it was just grabbing the garbage and the character was trapped with everything. Then I fixed the bugs by separating the parts of the character and creating some variables.

Name: Juan David Bedoya Cabrera

Age: 14

Clubhouse: The Clubhouse @ Tecnocentro Somos PacĂ­fico

City: Santiago de Cali

Country: Colombia

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Link (Posted 2020-02-16 21:16:16)

Hey, here is the link! https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/270033760

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