An Unacceptable norm

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Graphic Design


it has become clearer and clearer that people have accepted that rape is a part of a harsh life that somehow cannot be prevented from happening. however eyes throught 2019 have been opened and ears pulled out on this type of crisis.through this young people have been educated about the dangers of using offensive and cursing language in their dily lives. through such use of a language they have been informed of how it impacts one's mindset and their ability to differentiate between right and wrong. through these initiative we discovered that it is possible to erradicate the problem within our communities and young people are increasingly encouraged to respect their female and male figures as well as to avoid listen to music that suggest that women are nothing more than toys for men. hence I end this by saying #STOPOBJECTIFYINGWOMEN END THE WAY IN WHICH MORDERN SOCIETIES SEE OUR BELOVED MOTHERS, DAUGHTERS, SISTERS AND EQUALLY IMPORTANT MEMBERS OF OUR SOCIETIES.

Name: Sbangane Matsa

Age: 17

Clubhouse: The Sci-Bono Clubhouse



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Stopobjectifingwomen (Posted 2020-03-16 05:09:32)

I feel Like this artwork explains it all It is so rare finding guys writing or expressing feelings about women and that is encouraging Well done

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