Game link: Escape the House is a fun and fast 2-level game, consisting of: Level 1: Find the object that does not belong to the environment in this exercise is a basement. Level 2: Find the object that contains the key that allows you to leave the house. If you achieve the two objectives in less than the time required in each level (stopwatch) it will tell you YOU WON and you will get a trophy. If you cannot overcome the two levels, it will tell you GAME OVER and you will click the green flag to try again.

Name: Ana Sophya V.

Age: 13

Clubhouse: The Clubhouse-Colsubsidio


Country: Colombia

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ESTOY IMPRESIONADO (Posted 2021-03-17 18:53:12)

(solo quiero traducir el mensaje de steven barkley) hola, no se si me entiendas esta bien. .Buen trabajo. aprendiste el programa scratch, y las transiciones, las escenas y la escritura la historia es buena. estoy muy impresionado con tu trabajo

Tremendo trabajo (Posted 2021-02-26 17:20:52)

El proyecto es prometedor, felicitaciones ...dejando mensajes a trav├ęs de una historia ...superbien

Genial (Posted 2021-02-26 17:03:55)

Felicitaciones buen trabajo

I'm impressed. (Posted 2021-01-07 16:06:25)

Hi, I don't know if you will understand all of this but. Great job. Muy bien trabaje. Learning scratch programming, add transitions to change scenes and really writing out a story were all great. I'm really impressed with your work.

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