Moyana Olivia - X-Ray (ft. Mac Turner)



Music Video


This song and video was made to raise awareness to racial injustice and encourage people to take tangible action against police brutality. I wrote and produced the song, as well as performing all of the vocals. The video was directed, filmed, and edited by Martaize Smith who is another member of the Hope Community Best Buy Teen Tech Center. Highest Quality version of the video can be viewed using the link below....

Name: Olivia P.

Age: 18

Clubhouse: The Best Buy Teen Tech Center @ HOPE Community

City: Minneapolis

Country: United States

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X-Ray (Posted 2022-02-11 22:34:24)

This is AMAZING!!

X-Ray! (Posted 2021-04-14 18:26:05)

I posted this project to my FB with the proper credits! Amazing. You should send a copy to Kim Potter.

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