Salvemos a los animales



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Let’s save the animals now, they deserve to be treated with respect and kindness, they feel and it has already been proven, do not treat them badly that they have a pure heart they are like us, how it will feel that they sell you to Canada, put yourself in animal's shoes of today, how will it feel to see how them destroy your home, They if they feel, you will see if you have pets, try it and now, do not mistreat them who have hearts, they are faithful because we are not, if the dogs are faithful because we leave them outside because we leave them on the sidewalks? shouting with one, the change is made, stop thinking about it

Name: Laura Alejandra O.

Age: 10

Clubhouse: The Clubhouse-Colsubsidio

City: Bogotá D.C

Country: Colombia

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