Life Goes On



Animated Video


Life goes on. I chose to do an animation piece that included a real person. Personally, nothing beats the connection between people, animated or not. I chose my sister to be the model for this animation who created this wonderful choreography to “life goes” on by the Korean band BTS. When I asked her to create this dance I had one request for her, that the songs she used had to be “life goes on” by BTS and “euphoria” by BTS. The reasoning behind this song selection is the heartfelt meaning of these songs. BTS composed the song “life goes on” during this pandemic to give their fans hope and something to look forward to despite all the chaos in the world. Euphoria was chosen because of the symbolic meaning that, after you learn that life goes on and gets better, you too can find euphoria. Earlier I mentioned that the human connection was important to me, I really hope you can feel the sincerity through these dance moves and the colors I chose through the animation process to feel the emotion and love behind this piece. Thank you. -Kaylynn Sanamé

Name: Kaylynn S.

Age: 14

Clubhouse: The Clubhouse @ ListoAmerica Tustin

City: Moreno Valley

Country: United States

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