Description We introduce you to Tobby, a happy dog who lives with his owner and from time to time, the owner plays with Toby to pass the time. Today you will control Tobby in his daily day. At home, walk to the footprint to select and feed, ask to go to the park and have fun looking for things. Be careful, be a good dog and do not make your owner angry. This project is made with the intention of stopping the mistreatment and neglect of pets, which is a very important problem since as animals do not have a voice to express their true feelings, and this short game would try nothing more than to replicate that situation to Through the decisions that you will have to make throughout this. Contributors and special help in the project: - Alejandro Moreno Burbano (Programmer & Design) - Alejandro Carmona Hoyos (Programmer) - Sofia Castrillon (Design Helper) - Juan David Bedoya (Programming Helper) - Juan David (Programming , In-game Animator , Sounds & Music Choice)

Name: Alejandro M.

Age: 14

Clubhouse: The Clubhouse @ Tecnocentro Somos Pacífico

City: Potrero Grande

Country: Colombia

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Bello proyecto en pro de los qué tienen voz (Posted 2021-03-07 14:44:17)

Chic@s hermoso proyecto, muchos éxitos

Felicitaciones (Posted 2021-02-26 17:22:09)

Buen trabajo

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