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Smile tells the story of love at first sight, but more importantly, it helps convey the feeling of joy a person can get from making the people they care about smile, whether that be family, close friends, or a significant other. I wrote this song last year at the Hope Community Best Buy Teen Tech Center. I had an acoustic version written but began the process of making the official recording in the Studio. The joy of the creative process is reflected in the upbeat energy of the final product. I'm excited about elevating the songs arrangement and structure, and am proud of how we executed some of the new recording techniques and production ideas we tried. “Smile” was first performed at the 2021 Best Buy Charity Classic. The link to that performance can be found below. My artist name is Moyana Olivia The studio version will be released on all music platforms on Friday, February 18, 2022. Thanks for Listening :)

Name: Olivia P.

Age: 18

Clubhouse: The Best Buy Teen Tech Center @ HOPE Community

City: Minneapolis

Country: United States

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