Chorrillero Gente Valiente



Documentary Video


It is a documentary that deals with the events that occurred during the US intervention in Panama, on December 20, 1989. Focusing on what happened in the El Chorrillo neighborhood. We carried out a series of interviews with people close to us, so that they could tell us their point of view on this fact, which took place at dawn. Operation Just Cause was a military action by the United States Army. It was held during the administration of US President George H. W. Bush. El Chorrillo neighborhood, made up mainly of old wooden houses built at the time the canal was built, was almost completely destroyed due to the fires caused by the bombing of the Central Barracks.

Name: Lenín G.

Age: 15

Clubhouse: The Clubhouse @ Parroquia de Fátima

City: Panamá

Country: Panamá

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