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Usually someone on the street holding a sign asking for help gets no response, and people continue walking straight past them thinking that this is just another person begging for money. However, as I was walking back home from school, I noticed that a lady was engaging in conversation, and actually stopped to talk to the homeless man and ask for his story. I believe this image shows that everyone has a unique story worth listening to, even if the sign they hold up says the same thing as another person asking for help further down the street. And more importantly, sometimes we need to stop and listen to that story, because who knows what we might learn. Therefore, I hope this image shows the importance of stopping and listening to those who are forgotten, excluded, and ignored on a day to day basis.

Name: Parmis M.

Age: 16

Clubhouse: The Flagship Clubhouse, a Best Buy Teen Tech Center

City: Boston

Country: USA

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