LINK VIDEO: LINK JUEGO: The game "CHILDREN'S OBESITY" has 4 levels, each one corresponds to a meal of the day, in each level you will have to choose the foods that you think are most appropriate for the moment, each food will add some points, you must complete 120 points and you will win, but if you have less points you will lose. Statistics say that, in 2020, 158 million children and adolescents suffered from obesity in the world. However, by 2030 this figure is expected to rise to 254 million. These figures motivated me to think of a game that would deal with obesity in children and adolescents, because I am very concerned about how we are eating, since this affects our health, I invite you to practice any sport.

Name: Ana Sophya V.

Age: 14

Clubhouse: The Clubhouse-Colsubsidio

City: Bogotá

Country: Colombia

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Congrats!! (Posted 2022-03-23 00:43:13)

Actual Topic very dangerous for all young people. Congratulations Nice Game and Powerfull Message.

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